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Appreciation Thank You Letter Format

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    Looking for how to write an appreciation thank you letter? It is deeply vital to appreciate those who have been instrumental in helping you in your career, work or any other formal projects.

    Appreciation thank you letters are sent to express gratitude to the recipients for the support they may have accorded you fields or areas of your career or other formal projects. The letter is normally begun with an appreciation note.

    It’s important to have your appreciation letter short, yet with the ability to express your heart-felt gratitude with warmth and deep appreciation. Often the recipients have other letters to read or simply have little time to read long letters. Having it short, to the point and with the message early in beginning is very important.

    One could specify on the areas that the help he received was significant. Highlighting the difference the help has made in you will give a deep satisfaction to the recipient of the letter.

    It’s deeply important to make the recipient aware of what you might be doing owing to the help they accorded you. This would include showing that you took up to practice advice given by the helper or made a follow-up to something they may have recommended.

    Sample Appreciation Thank You Letter

    (Sender Name)
    (Sender Address)


    (Recipient Name)
    (Recipient Address)

    Dear (Name),

    Thank you for sharing your precious time with me, listening to my challenges as a marketer and for taking time to advice me on new ideas and strategies to marketing products.

    Sharing your marketing ideas and product awareness campaign ideas, opened a whole new world to me. I have since then achieved different and better approaches to the challenges faced with marketing and settling sales for my company’s products.

    I specifically overly appreciate your kindness to linking me up to some of your previous client who you think would be interested in some of the products i market.

    I have already made calls to a number of the advertisement agents you recommended. Their ideas and designs are far much better than what i thought or imagined, giving us new and better ideas to advertise the products.

    Any additional suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I will update you on my progress, new evident challenges and achievements.

    Thank you again, I learned a lot from you.

    Yours Sincerely,


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