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Appreciation Letter To Customer

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    Looking for appreciation letter to customer? Customers are always excited about new innovations and incentives from business owners. A client should always be enticed to visit the shop over and over.

    Business owners should always focus on enabling client base expansion as well as maintaining the older customers. One of the cheapest ways to keep a customer around is to send him or her letter of appreciation.

    When writing appreciation letter to customer, it should be the work of the manager or any other representative from the business. To begin with, the business management must find out the true names and address of the customer.

    Avoid writing a personal letter with expressions like hi, what’s up or hello. The customer will feel privileged if the letter mentioned his or her name and address. One of the ways to find out a customer’s names and address is to invite that customer to fill out a coupon or a review about the operations of the business.

    When a business writes an appreciation letter to customer, the customer will in turn advertise the business to friends and family. The business will benefit from both improved sales and an expanded customer base. Below is a sample appreciation letter to customer.

    How To Write An Appreciation Letter To Customer

    (Business name)
    (Business address)


    (Customer name)
    (Customer address)

    Dear (Customer name),


    We are privileged to write to you in appreciation of your support to the growth and expansion of our business. You are one of our most trusted clients and would like to continue with you as we build a strong and everlasting business.

    Because you are so special to the business, management has decided to offer you a gift and a 20% discount for every product you will purchase from our stores for a period of six months.

    We wish you and your family a happy stay and God’s blessings

    Yours Sincerely,


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