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Appreciation Letter To Employee

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    Employee recognition is one of the ways through which the most outstanding workers are rewarded. Employee recognition encourages poorly performing workers to pull up their socks and achieve recognition. There are numerous ways through which employees are rewarded including bonuses, gifts, and sending a letter of appreciation to employee.

    Quite often, employees have complained about lack of appreciation from the side of employers who at times throw insults to them.

    Not only does this demoralized the workforce but also affects the business operations. If you want a high output, you should make all effort to encourage the workers and show appreciation to work done.

    When reorganizing an employee, make sure that the letter written is not personal and can be publicized for others to get encouraged and work tirelessly to achieve the same recognition.

    The procedure followed by writing such letters is determined by individual companies. Some companies will issue a letter of appreciation to employee after a worker achieves a set of goals stipulated by the management.

    Companies owned by sole proprietors will issue letters of appreciation to the employees based on the sole decision of the business owner. The text of the letter is determined by the owners and at times the letter can be hand written. Below is a sample letter of appreciation to employee from a sole proprietor.

    How To Write An Appreciation Letter To Employee

    (Employee name)
    (Employee address)


    Dear (Employee name),

    Your effort to market the company across the country cannot go unappreciated. I write to personally thank you, for your tremendous contribution towards growth in sales of the company’s products across the country.

    Ever since you undertook the initiative to set up a mobile marketing unit, the business has realized a double-digit growth both sales and revenue collection.

    The purpose of writing this letter is to encourage you keep up with the aggressiveness with hope that we shall include bonus incentives in our next budget.

    Together with your family, I wish you a happy stay.

    Yours Sincerely,


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