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Sample Business Letter Format

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    Is your business letter format written in organized manner? Does each writing proceed logically to the next? Here is the basic communication structure format which will help in your business letter writing.

    Basic communication structure:

    • Headlines
    • Main News
    • Summary

    Basic presentation structure:

    • Opening
    • Agenda
    • Body
    • Summary

    Business Letter Format Basic

    For normal business letter, your letter shouldn’t start with an overall summary, showing in the first paragraph why the letter is relevant to the reader.

    It’s not a good practice to make the reader go past the first paragraph to find out why the letter was sent to them.

    The body of the letter needs to explain the reason for the correspondence, including any relevant background and current information.

    Ensure the information flow logically and make your points effectively. The closing of the letter is the place to create final impression on the reader.

    End with an action point such as “I will call you next week to discuss this further”.

    Once the information has been gathered, you will need to sort it out into some form of sequence to increase reader attention.

    Make sure your writing are easy to read and contain the necessary information. Use facts when needed and avoid irrelevant information.

    Outline the course of action you expect such as return call or meeting.

    Closed appropriately and make sure to include your contact information in the end of writing structure.

    Proof Reading Letter

    When you’re satisfied of the content of your business letter, run the following checklist to ensure there’s no error:

    • Correct spelling and grammar
    • Correct punctuation
    • Readable font
    • Good spaced lines and paragraphs
    • Wide margins

    The first thing that reader will notice about your business letter writing is the way it looks, and usually they will look at it briefly.

    Start with a good impression than to have to try to recover from a poor one, so make your first impression through writing counts.

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