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How To Write A Business Proposal Letter

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    The main objective or goal of writing business proposal is to provide choices to your customer and persuade them to buy in your product and services.

    If you want to write a good business proposal, first you need to understand what does your customer need.

    If possible, try to include some recommendation along with an overview in your business proposal.

    When your customer read your business proposal, the next thing they will eye on will be the cost analysis figure. Is best to enclosed the business proposal with easy to read diagram for your customer to evaluate further.

    Supporting fact and figures such as case study or survey result in the business proposal will justified your product and services in better position.

    Business Proposal Letter Sample & Format

    Dear (Customer Name),

    It’s my pleasure to speak with you the other day. Enclosed is the preliminary proposal for (product and services) for (customer company name).

    I believe this includes all price, options and terms we discussed. If not, please let me know as soon as possible so we may revise the proposal to meet your needs.

    If you choose to on our company (product and services), we can form lease payment contract in lower value just to fit in your operating budget.

    I have enclosed the document (case study, survey result) as an aid to show the difference between our (product and services) compares to other available option in the market.

    The prices included in this proposal are valid for 60 days from the time of receipt.

    If you have any further question, please use the contact form to e-mail me at support@letterformat.net

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