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How To Write A Cancellation Letter

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    If you are going to write a cancellation letter, whether it is meant for canceling  service or contract/membership or subscription/appointment or reservation then you may refer on the sample as below.

    You might be wondering why not cancel it by using a phone call? Sometimes phone call is not an option because some company required an official writing as their SOPP (Standard Operation Policies and Procedures) for cancellation.

    If you are going to cancel a business contract, we would advise you to keep your letter formal and professional.

    In any chances you are canceling due to disappointment on the existing services, try to write in polite manner and highlight on the area that cause your bad experience on their service.

    Besides, keep your cancellation letter concise and straight to the point. Send the letter by express/recorded delivery, where the recipient will have to confirm receipt via the mail service.

    Keep a copy of the cancellation letter with you as you won’t know if the company denied in receiving the letter from you.

    Sample Cancellation Letter

    Dear (Recipient Name),

    Please accept this letter as the confirmation to terminate my membership subscription on CLEO magazine in immediate effect.

    I enclosed a bank draft worth USD10 as the last payment for the remaining outstanding balance in my subscription.

    Please ensure no further payments are applied to my credit card.

    Please confirm receipt of this request and confirmation my magazine subscription is closed by return.

    (Sender Name)
    (Sender Title)

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