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Complaint Letter For Billing Error

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    Looking on how to write a complaint letter for billing error? Today, almost all stores and businesses use electronic equipment when it comes to billing their customers. And it is understandable that billing machines and equipment can at times develop problems at the time of use.

    A complaint letter for billing error should be written to the company or the business asking them to take responsibility of the losses and inconvenience suffered due to the billing error.


    Start the letter by disclosing your personal information. This should include your contacts and the reason for writing the letter. You should also write down the inconveniences that you have experienced from the billing error.


    For instance, if it is about power bills, let the reader understand that you already paid your power bill in good time based on the bill that you were given by the company’s agents. However, the next morning, your power was cut off due to another wrong bill.


    Under this section, make the reader understand that you had failed to do business because of power disconnection which actually occurred due a billing error since you do not owe the company anything.


    On this section, explain to the reader what you think should be done to recover the losses that you made as a result of their negligence. You can suggest that the company should pay you for the losses suffered.

    Sample Complaint Letter For Billing Error

    March 17th, 2012

    Bobby Brown
    43211, Newark, NY, USA


    Power Guard Lighting Company
    43201, Manhattan, NY, USA


    Dear (Name),

    I had remitted my electricity bills in good time as indicated on the first bill that I was given by your agents. However, the next day when I reported to my restaurant as I always do, I found out from my employees that your agents had brought in another bill stating that I have not paid my electricity bills for the past six months and disconnected my electricity supply.

    When I contacted the company, your agents told me to go and solve the matter the next day, upon which they found out that it was a billing error.

    I believe Power Guard should take responsibility for the losses that I suffered as a result of the company’s inability to put their billing machines in good condition. I would like to be paid an average of the loss in full. Looking forward to your response soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Bobby Brown

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