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Letter Of Complaint About Co-Worker

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    Writing a complaint letter about a coworker is not as hard as many people imagine. You just need to have a better understanding on how to write it. This is a formal letter and it is imperative to use a professional language.

    Choose your words wisely, be honest and state facts. Note that such letters are kept for official records and since it is a complaint letter; you must be precise in your writing. Go straight to the point and mention the person whom you are complaining about.

    When writing the letter, every detail should be stated clearly. If there is any proof, include in the letter. For example, the correct date and time at which an incident occurred. More importantly, do not get personal in your writing.

    Be professional and make sure each matter is concise. You can give also an opinion on the matter.

    Avoid making own judgments and decisions that could break good relations with other employees. Be truthful and rest assured the company will solve issues as required.

    Sample Complaint Letter On Colleague

    Mathew Duke
    Sales Marketing Manager
    Worldwide Technologies
    43211, Newark, NY, USA

    March 17, 2012

    Patrick Green
    Human Resource Manager
    Worldwide Technologies
    43211, Newark, NY, USA

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter as the last and the best resort in regards to Jacob Brown. He has been one of the best employees since he joined sales and marketing department.

    However, over the past one month, Jacob has come to work late and leaves before the end of official working hours. He is not only lagging behind but he also comes to work drunk especially on Saturdays. His behavior makes it hard for him and for the department to meet targets.

    Jacob’s behavior is also affecting his relationship with other employees under my supervision. I am think that Jacob should be counseled and given an opportunity to change.

    There is no doubt Jacob is a great employee but with his current behavior, he may taint the image of the organization. Kindly give your urgent attention to this issue.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mathew Duke

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