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Complaint Letter For Credit Card Charges

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    A complaint letter for credit card charges should be able to highlight to the reader some of the inconveniences that have been caused by the lack of proper communication of increased credit card charges.

    Personal Details

    Begin the letter by giving your personal details including contact information and the reason for writing the letter. Explain to the reader the inconveniences that have been caused from the instant raise of credit card charges without communication to you.


    Let the reader understand that you always draft your budget with consideration to the credit card charges such that the sudden extra charges introduced without notice have interfered your budget very badly.


    Under this section, make the reader understand that you have been forced to do without some basics because of the sudden increase in credit card charges without proper communication.


    Here, you will need to suggest to the reader what should be done to recover what you have gone through as a result of the increase in credit card charges. You may suggest that you be refunded the extra charges for a particular duration.

    Sample Complaint Letter For Credit Card Charges

    March 17th, 2012

    Carol Deer
    Reedvile, 6785

    812 River Road
    Oakland, Cashmax

    Dear (Name),

    I am writing to inform you that Cashmax has always deducted my monthly credit card charges at a flat rate of $230. However, when I checked my account last month, I realized that the company had deducted $300 as my monthly credit card charges.

    On inquiry from your agents, they showed me a written notice that was on the company’s offices notice board. They said that the company is very sorry for failure to communicate and that the decision could not be averted. I have been forced to skip lunch for the past one month to be able to contain the financial situation, a practice that is beginning to affect my health.

    Due to the failure to communicate the information to me through the right channel recognized in your policies, I believe that Cashmax should refund me the extra credit card charges for last month. I would like the refund to be made in whole into my account. Looking forward to your reply soon.

    Yours Sincerely,

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