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Complaint Letter For Damaged Goods

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    When you receive damaged goods, you may want to have the issued addressed by the concerned company or retailer. As such, you will express the issue to the responsible persons through a complaint letter for damaged goods.


    You need to start your letter by telling the reader who you are. Disclose your personal information such as your name and contact details. Let your reader know that you have goods from them and their status and why the ones you received did not please you.


    Let the reader know the hardship you have endured after receiving damaged goods. For instance, they could have caused a stop to your business operations. Explain how this has affected you either temporary or permanently.

    Your Decision

    Let the reader know what you intend to do after the incident. For instance, you could be intending to stop getting goods from them. You could also be intending to continue ordering goods from them if the issue is resolved amicably and efficiently.

    Give Suggestions

    Give your reader suggestions on what you think should be done to rectify this. Let them know how damaged good can affect their business and that of customers.

    Sample Complaint Letter For Damaged Goods

    From: (Name of your company)
    To: ( Company or firm from which you received damaged goods)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Ref: Complaint For Damaged Goods

    My name is (your name and the position you hold in the company). I am writing to complain about the consignment we received (give reference numbers of the consignment).

    We have been receiving goods from you for (duration for which you have received goods from them). All have been good except this one. The latest goods were (give a description of the damage)

    We kindly ask you to discuss this issue and give us a replacement or refund of (the amount of money) for which we bought the goods.

    It is also important that you check your goods before shipping to avoid such an incident in the future.

    Yours Sincerely,
    (Name & Position Title)

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