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Complaint Letter For Restaurant

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    Complaint letter for restaurant is a special letter addressing a restaurant over poor quality services. It is common for restaurants to make mistakes. In such cases, you can suffer health problems, lose your cash or even get dissatisfied over the kind of customer service.

    This letter is therefore essential as it brings to the attention of restaurant management, the kind of service that its clients get. When writing the letter, it is important to be professional.

    Be polite, straight to the point and choose your words wisely. A simple and honest letter stating your dissatisfaction will definitely be given urgent treatment.

    Be specific and state the kind of service that generated a complaint. For instance, you may have ordered for food and later on, you suffered stomach upsets. In your letter, state the time, the type of food you ate and even the person who served the food.

    Be formal because a formal style will provide the best possible results. Try to manage your anger and provide evidence say, of medical report to confirm stomach upsets or other effects.

    Example Of Complaint Letter To Restaurant

    (Sender Name)
    (Sender Title/Position)
    (Sender Organization Name)
    (Sender Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)


    (Recipient Name)
    (Recipient Title/Position)
    (Recipient Organization Name)
    (Recipient Street Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to bring to your attention that I am not satisfied with the quality of food served at your restaurant. On March 12, 2012, I ate a meal at your restaurant at 7.30 pm. I took rice and meat stew.

    Later in the evening, I suffered stomach upsets which forced me to seek medical assistance. The doctor advised me that some tests had to be carried to determine the cause of the upsets. Medical tests revealed that my upsets were as a result of food poisoning.

    I have been a regular client and I am completely disappointed. I expect quality services from you and to prevent future occurrences, I request that you address this issue with immediate attention. I expect full compensation and look forward to your replies within the shortest time possible.

    Yours Sincerely,

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