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Harassment Complaint Letter

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    Looking for harassment complaint letter? If you are subjected to harassment at your place of work, learning institution or other facilities, you may want to have your problem addressed. As such, you may express yourself to your superiors or person concerned through this letter.


    Start the letter by introducing yourself. Let the reader know your name and your position in the institution. Always bear in mind the reason for writing this letter. You may also give the reader information about the duration you have been in the institution.


    Let the reader know about the harassment you are enduring in the institution. Show them how this has affected your performance. If you are a client or customer of an institution, let the management know what you have gone through.


    Let the reader know what you intend to do if the situation is not rectified. For instance, you could be intending to quit your job position if the issue is not resolved.

    Give Suggestions

    You can give the readers your views on what you think can be done to solve the issue. For instance you the person subjecting you to harassment can be punished. They can also be transferred to another place if the issue is serious.

    How To Write A Harassment Complaint Letter

    Mr. Daniel Martin
    General Manager
    B & K Company
    New York

    17th March 2012

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Ref: Harassment Complaint

    I am (your name and contact). I am writing to let you know about harassment I have been subjected to in the (department where you work) by (the person harassing you).

    This has happened for (state the duration) where he/she has (describe how they have subjected you to harassment). This has (describe how it has affected you).

    I hereby request you to (address the issue, transfer the person or you depending on your intention). This will give me peace at work and improve my performance.

    Kindly look into this matter soonest possible.

    Yours Sincerely,

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