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Sample Complaint Letter To Landlord

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    Looking for how to write a complaint letter to landlord? Certain landlords do not always take good care of their apartments to make sure that tenants are able to live in a peaceful and conducive environment while renting the apartments.

    A complaint letter to landlord should tell the landlord the inconvenience caused by the carelessness or other factors. It should give details of what the tenant is complaining about.


    Begin the letter by giving your personal details. Include your contact information and state the reason as to why you are writing the letter. Also include the effects of the complaint.


    If it is about a broken sewer system, make the landlord understand that you have always paid all your rent requirements in due time. However, with all that, the sewerage system of the house has been blocked for one week and the agents who had been informed has not taken any action.


    Make the reader know that you had contacted the apartments’ agent on the issue on the same date that the sewerage got blocked and there is no response over the past week. Tell the reader that currently, the contents of the sewerage system are now flowing back into the house making the place a health hazard.


    Tell the reader what you feel should be done to correct the situation. You can suggest that the landlord correct the situation within a given time frame and pay for the hotel fees that you spent on accommodation for the period that they have failed to unblock the sewerage system.

    Example Of Complaint Letter To Landlord

    March 17th, 2012

    Joe Cole
    Amaroo Apartments
    Reedville, 9876

    RE: John Doe And Brothers
    732 River Road
    Oakland, Amaroo

    Dear (Name),

    I have always paid my rent at the right time but despite all that convenience, you have not done much in ensuring that I have the comfort as stated in the rent agreement.

    The whole building’s sewerage system has been blocked for one week now, despite the report that I gave to your agent on the same day that the problem developed.

    I have spent the entire week sleeping in a hotel since the sewerage contents have overflow into the house and even destroyed my property.

    Hence, I would like you to compensate me for the expenses for one week accommodation in a hotel and damage to my property in whole within one month. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    (Your Name)

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