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Condolence Letter To Employee

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    Looking for how to write a condolence letter to employee? There are several types of relationships such as husband and wife, mother and child, one friend to another.

    But one relationship that begins in one form and over a period of time transform to another all the while without any change in professional respect for the each other.

    That is what a relationship between an employee and employer is about.  Over the last decade there is some sea change in the way an employee is reckoned by the employer as a direct reflection of this.

    Expression of the grief of the management to the loss of a relative of the employee is to convey him that the management is there to support him in his difficult times also.  It will also strengthen the bond further in the days to come.

    Let us look into the sample letter from the management side to an employee on the death of his relative.

    Example Of Condolence Letter To Employee

    Dear (Name),

    At the outset let me express my sympathies and condolence on the demise of your beloved relative.  The death would have been a jolt for you because I am aware of your bond with him/her and the care and concern each of you have on the other.

    Even when I sanctioned your leave, to take care of him/her when he/she took ill, I never expected this could be your last few days with him/her because he/she was always very active and taking care of herself/himself very well.

    In life a person has to undergo some low and painful periods like this which you are in now. I am praying for the departed soul to rest in peace and to give sufficient time to you to face life once again with your usual charm.

    Do not bother about the situation back here at the office and your backlog. The entire staff is pitching for you in your absence.  Meanwhile if you require any help from my side either personally or professionally just call and let me know.

    Would there be anything I could help to lighten your burden, please do not hesitate to let me know.

    Yours Sincerely,


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