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Condolence Letter For Death Of Father

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    Looking for condolence letter for death of father? Death comes into everybody’s life as an uninvited guest. It may be of our near and dear ones. More than the death, the memories of the missing person hurts a lot.

    So in such a crucial time, the support and care given by the friends and relatives will help the family to recover from the worry. Your concern will give them a positive outlook towards life.

    Though you can’t be there in person, a condolence letter will always show your care and concern. In this article, let’s see how to write a condolence letter for death of a father.

    To begin with, a condolence letter should be very short and sincere. It should be hand written in appropriate stationery. The letter should bring out your concern and care for the family.

    The positive traits of the dead person should be emphasized. Also you should include the details of any help you would like to do. It may be making dinner, baby sitting and others.

    The following is the sample of condolence letter written to console your friend.

    Sample Sympathy Letter

    Dear Sham,

    I am very sorry to know about your father’s death. He was a gem of a man and I have some great memories with him which I will cherish forever. He was always a source of inspiration to many people.

    His active role in social works can never be forgotten. His sudden loss is really very hard to digest. But life should go on and your dad will bless you from heaven.

    What we can do is, to pray for his soul to rest in peace and to carry on with the social works he was more involved in.

    I am free on weekends and I can join you in any social activity that your dad was involved. Let’s make him proud by our actions.

    Sending you lots of love,

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