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Condolence Letter For Death Of Mother

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    Looking for condolence letter for death of mother? A research carried out revealed that close to 70% of the children in the world have a great affection to their mothers than to their fathers.

    Death of a mother is one of the saddest moments anybody can bear. Some people develop a depression and feel isolated from the society. A condolence letter for death of mother must be written with utmost care so as to help the bereaved person recover from the psychological consequences of losing a loved one.

    When you write a condolence letter for death of mother, make sure it is a source of comfort to your friend or relative. The bereaved person will feel loved by friends and relatives. It is more likely that the bereaved person will appreciate a hand written letter than one printed.

    Write down your personal opinion concerning the decease. For heaven’ sake, avoid writing anything nasty about the deceased person even when you had a misunderstanding. The society will judge you wrong and you will live to regret such a mistake.

    For a letter that will be appreciated by the bereaved person, the introduction should acknowledge that you know about the death. Talk anything good about the deceased and mention one special moment you remember. In your text, inform the bereaved that you know what it means to lose a mother.

    Finally, end with word of hope that can cheer up the bereaved. Such phrases like” God gives and God takes” will bring hope to the bereaved. Below is a sample of a condolence letter for death of mother.

    Sample Condolence Letter For Death Of Mother

    Dear Sam,

    With deep sorrow, I have received the sad news of the sudden death of your mother, Mrs. Hopkins.

    This is the saddest moment because Mrs. Hopkins has been like a mother to me. Losing a mother is the worst moment in life and I know how you feel.

    Remember, she has gone to The Lord our God and we shall one day meet her.

    Be strong in the Lord Jesus.

    With deepest sympathy,
    George Harid

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