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Condolence Letter On Death

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    Unlike other types of letter, writing a condolence letter on death of someone we know is difficult; mainly because we usually do not know how to express our sympathy exactly through written words. This totally depends on the kind of relationship you have to the deceased as to how and what you are going to write in its message.

    A condolence letter should be written in a friendly manner. You should start by introducing yourself and stating how you are related to the deceased. That is, if you are not a close relative or friend to them.

    The next paragraph of the letter should consist of sympathy offering. And on the third, try to offer your help to the recipient. But be sure that you are completely sincere in what you are offering.

    You can also write lines that are comforting so that somehow you will be able to deprive them from too much grief. What you say and how long your letter will be does not matter the most.

    What matters is the message behind your letter and that you are exerting enough effort to show your support.

    Sample Sympathy Letter On Death

    56 Rizal Street
    San Jose City,
    Nueva Ecija

    January 25, 2012

    Dear Mrs. Smith,

    We may have not met each other in person, but your son Matthew has told me so much about you and your happy and loving family. We became close and best of friends during our college days and have always been together until our graduation.

    I was totally devastated when I heard that he passed away recently so I would like to express my deepest sympathy to you and your loved ones. Matthew has always been a very cheerful and good friend to me.

    He has helped me to comprehend the lessons that I can’t understand fully and has been a great encouragement for me to pursue on my studies despite of all the pressures. He was an excellent student, you must be very proud to have him as your son.

    And it was not really surprising that he was one of the top ten in our graduating class. He once told me that no matter how hard life is, we must go on and fight. And I hope his words will help you to cope up with this difficult time.

    With warmest regards,

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