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Condolence Letter To A Friend

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    Looking for how to write a condolence letter to a friend? When a person looses a loved one, all effort should be done to give courage to that person during the sad moments. Death is a moment that brings down the strongest of men.

    How should a bereaved friend feel that you care in the same way? A condolence letter to a friend should be written and sent before the time for burial. If it was sent after burial, it will open up old wounds to an already hurt soul, and the bereaved person will not show any appreciation.

    Usually, grieved persons prefer to receive hand written sympathy letters than typed letters. Write it with your own words and avoid editing the sentence structure. Apart from making corrections to spelling mistakes and grammar, proof reading is unlikely to attract the attention of the reader.

    To begin with, acknowledge the loss of the person and write anything positive about the deceased. If you did not know the deceased person, do not include that in your letter. Write about how the death affected you as well and express your sympathy.

    Finally, inform the bereaved that you can give a helping hand during the burial arrangements. Under normal circumstances, letters are concluded with phrases attached to God and hope.

    How To Write A Condolence Letter To A Friend

    Dear Kamau,

    I have received with sadness the news for the death of your Father, Mr. Kangelo.

    I realize the difficult moments you are going through but let the God grant you the courage to stand.

    Death has robed us of a man of integrity and stature. Mr. Kangello was a business partner and friend to my father for over 20 years. Surely, life will never be the same without him.

    If you would like, I would contribute 100 dollars towards the funeral arrangements. May God send His Angels to encourage you through this sad moment.

    God bless you my friend.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Rick Moore

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