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Letter To Seek Employment

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    Once graduated, fresh graduates will seek for a company to begin their career and often they need to shape up their skill in the process. Letter to seek employment was one of the following letter that will help you in job search process as the application.

    Fresh graduates often have a degree with co-curricular activities written in their resume, compares to other candidate who might have real world working experience.

    Make sure that you are applying for a jobs with expectation of fresh graduate level. Try to stress out if there’s any difference between you with the other fresh graduates.

    Keep your letter short and concise by highlight on the important experience that will catch employer’s eye.

    Request for a job interview with your resume enclosed and set a follow-up call in the letter.

    The follow-up action will create a good impression to your employer for self initiative attitude.

    Sample Cover Letter To Seek For Employment

    Dear (Name of Recipient),

    As my enclosed resume shows, I am a recent graduate from Harvard University with a major on Business Computing.

    My experience includes an internship with a Multi-National Company which complete several top 200 project of the year.

    I would like to meet you to discuss on the possibility of taking the Business Analyst position with your company.

    I will call on Monday, December 25 to discuss the possibility of an interview regards to this position.

    Enclosed is my resume. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    (Sender Name)

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