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Wedding Invitation Letter

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    If your wedding is soon to become a fact and you want to be original and make it special, you may start from the wedding invitation letter.

    There are ready invitations everywhere but the point here is to make your invitation a personal one. First, you should decide to whom you will send your letter so that you either make it informal or more formal.

    Usually letters written to friends and relatives are in a more “wacky” style while the ones for the other guests who are not that close to you sound more official.

    In the beginning, you need to give some information about the date, place and time of the ceremony. Then you have to extend the personal invitation so that you convince the person reading the letter that he or she has to attend this special occasion.

    Finally, you should again insist on the person’s appearance at your wedding. Do have in mind that you need to send these letters some weeks or sometimes even months before the wedding day so that your guests will be free to make their plans and arrange everything they need to.

    Example Of Wedding Invitation Letter

    Dear (Name),

    This is to inform you that we finally decided on the date of our wedding. It is fixed to be on July 7th at 11 a.m. at St. Patrick church.

    It will be a great pleasure for my family and me to have you among our guests. Our wedding won’t be the same without the funniest guy ever.

    I will not accept a negative answer from you so try to do your best and be free for July 7th. If you are not that busy you may even come a day before the big day as we have to talk about some little details concerning the wedding.

    (Your Name)

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