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4 Essential Letter Writing Techniques

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    No matter what the purpose of the letter is, using effective letter writing techniques will help you convey your message clearly. Unfortunately, many people have not been trained on how to write good letters.

    Thus, they send out poorly constructed communication that is misconstrued or elicits an unwanted response.

    Here are four letter writing techniques to help you get your point across and obtain the results you want.

    Write for readability

    Most like the recipient of your letter will not actually read it, they will scan it. To maximize their attention, it is best to organize your writing to enhance readability.

    Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. It may even be helpful to use bullet points to highlight the crux of your letter.

    Additionally, make certain there is adequate white space between the paragraphs to give the eyes a visual break.

    Write to your audience

    Take time to learn about who you are writing to. This will help you choose the right words and organize your writing in a way that gets their attention.

    This letter writing technique is invaluable when it comes to writing sales letters. Every person is unique and responds to different cues.

    Knowing your target audience will help you pick the right cues to get them to respond the way you want.

    Eliminate extraneous text

    This is something that many writers struggle with, whether they are writing for personal reasons or business ones. You want your writing to be concise and yet still readable.

    One of the better letter writing techniques you can employ is to carefully read your missive and eliminate any words that can be dropped without changing the meaning of the sentence or paragraph.

    If need be, have someone else proofread the letter to ensure it still says what you want it to say.

    Use clear and friendly language

    In addition to helping the recipient understand your message, you want to build or maintain a relationship with them. Use clear, plain language whenever possible.

    Pretentious or overly technical language is likely to scare the recipient off, especially if they are not at the same educational level as you.

    You also want to keep the tone of the letter friendly and positive. This will encourage them to take the action you want.

    These letter writing techniques can assist you in writing letters that have a clear message and inspires the reader to take action.

    Take time to practice these techniques and you’ll be able to generate great letters in no time.

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