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4 Tips For Effective Business Letter Writing

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    When it comes to business letter writing, the goal is typically to get the reader to take action. The type of action will vary from letter to letter. For some, the goal is to get the reader to purchase a product.

    For others, it is to secure a change in the company’s business processes. Whatever the reason, writing an effective business letter is important to the achievement of your goal.

    Here are the 4 tips for writing business letters that gets results.

    Avoid industry jargon or complex language

    Every industry has certain terms they use to describe the various concepts unique to that industry.

    However, unless you are certain your reader is familiar with them, it is best to avoid using them.

    Additionally, write in plain language. Your meaning may be obscured or lost if you use complex language.

    Use active voice

    This business letter writing technique will take some practice. However, mastering it will make your writing come alive and help you get your point across more clearly.

    In an active sentence, the noun takes action rather than be acted upon, which is passive voice.

    For example, “The refund will be sent by us in a few days” is passive voice, while “We will send the refund in a few days” is active voice.

    Use positive language

    You may be unconsciously stirring up resistance in the reader by using negative language. You want the reader to feel good about your request and take the action you suggest.

    However, negative language gives your writing a pessimistic tone that may cause the reader to reject what you are saying.

    Incorporate a positive tone in your business letter writing. Your letter will come off as stronger and encourage the response you want.

    Follow the rules

    The English language is complex. There are quite a few spelling and grammar rules that dictate how words and sentences should be constructed to maximize understanding.

    To give your business letter writing the best chance for getting through to your target audience, it is a good idea to learn these grammar and spelling rules.

    There are a number of resources online and offline that will help you in this area.

    Business letter writing is all about getting your message across to the reader with enough clarity that they are able and willing to take the action you want them to take.

    Use these tips to write business letters that help you achieve that goal.

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