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The Action Verbs

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    If you are composing your resume or cover letter today as job-seeker, you should write with action verbs when describing accomplishments.

    What is an action verbs? Action verbs are verbs that show the performance of an active action.

    The action verbs in resume writing create a big advantages because they make sentences and statements more concise

    Most of the job-seeker wrote their resume and cover letter to sell themselves and action verbs could help in strengthen the point of achievement or skills.

    Research prove that the potential employers will notice your skills and achievement definitely via action verbs in writing.

    So positive action verbs will make your resume achievements sound even more impressive and you will create a higher chance to walk in for interview.

    You will see the difference of action verbs power impact on the reader as below.

    The job description that uses a non-action verb:

    • Was the boss of ten IT employees

    The job description that uses an action verb:

    • Lead a team of ten IT employees

    For more example, we would describe the action verbs used by the IT professional in the list below.

    Action Verbs Example

    • analyzed
    • assembled
    • built
    • calculated
    • computed
    • designed
    • engineered
    • maintained
    • operated
    • programmed
    • repaired
    • solved
    • trained
    • upgraded

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