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Business Email Format

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    If you know the format of business memo, then writing a business email shouldn’t be tough for you. In every email, you will find the basic heading elements in business memo.

    I would encourage you to take extra effort when writing your email because it describe your personality and education. Your reader will consciously or unconsciously make judgment about you when reading.

    Sharpen or develop your writing skills and use them when you composing email.

    Business email, a vital communication method that works beyond a simple memo. You still can use some formatting elements of business letter in the body of an email.

    Business email comprises of three main formatting elements which was the heading, body and a signature block (which may include a salutation and a complimentary close).

    Business Email Format Structure

    In this area, I will more emphasize on the rule of thumb when you drafting business email.

    You are encouraged to go through on the rule of thumb as below: –

    Business Email Subject Line

    • A shorter title in the email subject describe your content or purpose of your email.
    • Do not set the email as urgent or high priority unless it is really urgent. Setting false priority might deter the reader to pay attention on the email from you in next round.

    Business Email Size

    • Write short and brief email as possible because longer email with larger body makes the reader lazy to read.
    • Do not test any fancy fonts in your email with the purpose to catch your reader attention. You wouldn’t know if your font will annoy the reader’s eye.

    In the end, do a proofreading on your business email and ensure all the spelling and grammar was correct.

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