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Business Letter Writing Tips

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    Looking for how to write a formal business letter? Today we will be sharing few tips and tutorial in the area of Do’s and Don’t rule for you to follow when writing a business letter.

    Follow this four advice if possible in order to excel in your business letter writing.

    Keep Messages Simple

    Avoid unnecessary words in your business letter.


    A certain percentage of A percentage of

    At this point in time Now

    Square in shape Square

    In the event that If

    In the vicinity of Near

    Avoid Complex Words

    Keep words simple for fast and easy understanding.

    Certain words can be simplified in example:

    Activate / Commence / Embark can be substitute with Start.

    Terminate can be substitute with Stop.

    The word sounds more simple and easy to understand.

    Wrong Use Of Apostrophes

    Generally, apostrophes are used to show that an item belongs to a person.

    However, you have to omit the apostrophes for time frames like decades or acronyms.


    The 90’s 90s

    Excessive Use Of Exclamation Marks Or Question Marks

    The use of multiple exclamations looks like amateur writing and the triple punctuation shows the writer couldn’t continue on writing his point.

    Excessive use of exclamation marks and question marks also impact the effectiveness.


    “How can this happen!!!”

    “Are you sure???”

    Restrict yourself to single exclamation mark or question mark and try adding initial capitals, italics or bold face.

    Bear in mind that most of the business documents be written without any exclamation marks.

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