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Writing Business Letter Tips

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    Writing business letter was not an easy job for anyone where lots of people fell into common mistake. Pay attention to each sentence you write in the business letter just to avoid any unworthy mistake.

    Today I came out with another 4 points on the tips you need for writing a letter.

    Long sentences

    Deliver your point to reader with only or less than 25 words.

    Example of trimming the long sentences:

    Original long sentence: The objective of the software selection process is to select the application software which will best fit TIPS car distribution business and at the same time provide flexibility to cater for its dynamic business environment of TIPS.

    Revised shorter sentence: The objective of the software selection process is to select the application and its dynamic business environment.

    Avoid repetition

    Don’t use extra words that do not contribute the meaning of the sentence in letter.


    • Please return the report back to me
    • The true fact of the matter is…
    • The two firms are co-operating together.
    • They refuse to accept our offer.

    Colonial English Writing

    Colonial English sentence: I beg to acknowledge receipt of your kind favour on the 19th and thank you for the same.

    Revised sentence: Thank you for helping me on the 19th.

    Colonial English sentence: We should be glad if you would attend to the above matter at your earliest convenience.

    Revised sentence: We need your immediate attention, please.

    Beating Round The Bush

    This tip is to eliminate the use of not positive and a negative word.


    • As you aware, we are by no means unaccustomed to (used to) deal with this type of complaints.
    • We were not at all unaware (aware) of the system fault.

    Keep in mind on the 4 tips as above in writing business letter and definitely it will bring difference to the reader.

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