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Check Letter Writing

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    Some of the writer ignore to look back on their letter after finish writing it. Some don’t even bother to check the spelling and grammar which was not good as whole.

    Start Check Your Letter Writing

    The most important thing to remember when writing a letter is to check it thoroughly when you finish writing it.

    Even when you think it is exactly what you want to convey, read it one more time.

    This checking rule holds true for everything you write such as memo, letter, proposal and others.

    Use the both grammar and spell checker on your computer and pay very close attention to every highlighted word.

    When checking your letter, make sure it is clear and concise.

    Is there anything in the document that could be misinterpreted? Or does it raise unanswered question or fail to deliver your point to reader?

    Are you able to cut down the number of words used?

    I encourage you to reduce it as possible, just not to waste reader’s time with unnecessary words and phrases.

    Edit or read through the letter from the “eyes” of the reader.

    If you are editing alone, put yourself in the mind of reader and read through your document in the paradigm of the listener.

    The read through checking will chop up to 30% of sloppy letter effectively.

    Do you make these 6 mistakes when you write?

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