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Do’s And Don’ts In Business Email Writing

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    What are the do’s and don’ts in business email writing? Despite the various scandals that have erupted due to the poor use of email, there are still some people who do not understand how to effectively communicate using the medium.

    Business email writing is not difficult to master. Here are a few dos and don’ts of using email to help you avoid certain catastrophe and maintain your professionalism.

    Do use the subject header

    An email that does not contain a subject header is more likely to be deleted unless the person knows who you are.

    Regardless of your familiarity with the recipient, you should respect their time by crafting a subject header that describes what the email is about.

    Additionally, if you only have a one sentence question or comment, then use that as the email header to save time.

    Do personalize your communication

    This is particularly important if you are attempting to sell the person a product or service. You should use the person’s name in the email, and the business email writing should be customized for them.

    People can tell when they are receiving an auto-generated letter and they will likely delete the communication without even opening it.

    Do use BCC when emailing multiple people

    There are times when you will need to address multiple people with one email. When doing so, be certain to use blind carbon copy (BCC).

    This feature hides the email addresses of the other people the business email writing was sent to.

    This protects the privacy of the other recipients as well as prevents someone from harvesting those emails and using them in an inappropriate way.

    Don’t forward without permission

    Although there should be no expectation of privacy when it comes to email, it is respectful to ask the email sender if you can forward their communication.

    The email sent to you may contain personal information the sender does not want anyone else to see.

    Don’t forward chain letters or hoaxes

    Not everyone appreciates receiving chain emails in their email box. They are probably already subjected to receiving unsolicited mail from spammers.

    They certainly do not want to have their account cluttered with more irrelevant emails.

    Don’t use email to discuss sensitive information

    Unless you are positive that your and the recipient’s email accounts are secure, do not use this medium to share sensitive or confidential business email writing.

    No matter how careful you are, there is a high risk the email may be seen by unqualified parties.

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