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Effective Letter Writing

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    How to write an effective letter? This will be everybody’s question when comes to writing.

    Bear in mind there’s no special skills needed to write killer letter but you just need to apply some rules.

    You will be surprised to learn that the effective letter writing was not difficult at all.

    Ellipsis (…) In Letter

    The ellipsis is a series of three and only three full stops. It is used to:

    • mark missing words
    • an uncertain pause


    The review said, “It’s beautiful…a complete glory”.

    But Miss Carol’s age is only…

    Spaced Lines And Paragraphs In Letter

    If there are a lot words in a paragraph to use a line spacing of 1.5 instead of a single line.

    This practice will increase the readability on your writing to whoever that reads your letter.

    Table Tips In Letter

    This is the guidelines that you may want to follow when setting tables in letter.

    • Set tables one or two points smaller than the surrounding text. Example: If your main text is set in 12 point, set your table in 10 or 11 point
    • Set your table in Sans-Serif font like Arial or Verdana
    • Columns of numbers should be right-aligned
    • Generally the heading of the left most column should be aligned. Those in the other columns should be in center aligned

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