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Email Etiquette: 3 Rules to Follow

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    Looking for basic rules to follow when sending email? Even though you are not speaking with a person face to face, it is always a good idea to follow basic etiquette when sending out an email.

    Not only will this help you communicate better, people will enjoy receiving email from you and will be more likely to respond in a positive and respectful manner.

    Here are 3 email etiquette and rules you should follow when reaching out to other people through email.

    Be Concise But Provide All Relevant Information

    Of all the email etiquette and rules you should follow, this is the top one. People are short on time these days.

    Even your friends and family members are probably not able to sit still long enough to read a lengthy and rambling email from you.

    Get to the point of your communication quickly. At the same time, though, avoid unnecessary back and forth emailing by including all of the relevant information.

    Use Standard Greetings And Closings

    This email etiquette rule is more important when it comes to formal communications. If you are emailing someone in a professional capacity, use standard greeting and closings.

    First, it is the polite thing to do. You would not send a letter out with no greeting or closing and neither should you send out emails in this manner.

    Second, it can help ensure the email gets to the right person. If you send the email to the wrong person in an office, the recipient may be able to forward the message for you if it is properly addressed.

    Use BCC When Emailing Multiple People

    This is another of the top email etiquette and rules you should follow. To protect the privacy of the people you are emailing, use blind carbon copy (BCC).

    Unlike carbon copy (CC), BCC hides the email address of all the people in the chain of communication.

    This is particularly important if you are dealing with sensitive subject matters, like complaints, where you don’t want to expose the target of the communication.

    Additionally, BCC prevents people from harvesting emails to be used inappropriately (e.g. spam).

    Taking time to follow a few email etiquette and rules is a simple way to maintain your professionalism and ensure your message gets communicated clearly.

    This will also help you avoid inadvertently offending the people you are in contact with. Get into the habit of being a good email correspondent, and people will always welcome communication from you.

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