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How To Format A UK Business Letter

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    Looking for how to format a UK business letter? We will guide you by giving example, format and tips which will help you in letter writing.

    No matter what your circumstances are in life, there will come a point when you will need to draft a business letter. It could be for a job application, a sales letter, or a simple comment you would like to make on the company’s business practices.

    If you are writing to a company based in the UK, then there is a standard UK business letter format you should adhere to.

    This will ensure the letter gets to the right person at the company. Sticking to the common business letter format used in the UK will also help you avoid inadvertently offending someone.

    The UK business letter format is similar to the formal block format used for US businesses and should be organized as follows:

    The Address

    The first item on the page is your return address. It’s possible the letter will be separated from the envelope, so putting it on the letter ensures they have the information they need to respond to you.

    This goes at the top and is right-aligned on the page.

    The Date

    The date goes directly underneath that. This is also right-aligned and should be formatted as day-month-year per dating conventions in that area.

    Although it is not necessary, you can put the “th”, “nd”, or “st” after the day (e.g. 2nd).

    Recipient’s Name and Address

    The next item in the UK business letter format is the address of the recipient. This is left-aligned on the page.

    It may seem silly to put the recipient’s address on the letter. However, it is likely your letter will end up in a mailroom. Having the address will ensure it gets to the right person.

    The Greeting

    Leave a blank line space and then enter the salutation. Use the person’s name if you know it, otherwise a generic greeting like “Dear Sir/Madam” will do. This should be ended with a comma.

    The Subject

    A subject line is not necessary but is becoming increasingly common due to the influence of email. This should be centered on the page after the greeting and typed in all caps.

    The Body

    The body of your letter comes next. This should be left-aligned. To assist with readability, paragraphs should be separated by a blank line.

    The Closing

    To close the letter, it is best to use “Yours faithfully” if you did not address a person by name and “Yours sincerely” if you do.

    This should be followed by a comma and several blank spaces for your signature.

    Finally, end the letter with your typed name and job position, if applicable, directly underneath that.

    Use the UK business letter format whenever you need to contact a company in the UK. You will look professional and the company will appreciate the courtesy.

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