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Good Letter Writing

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    What is the good practice that you need to learn when come about letter writing? Some tips you need to know when writing the letter just to ensure your reader adapt to your message in instance.

    Few good practice you need to apply when writing as below.

    Know Your Audience In Letter Writing

    Knowing your audience will guide you in what to write and the best way of writing it.

    You need to:

    • Know what your reader want
    • Know who you will be writing to
    • Know what will turn their attention to your writing

    Tailor Your Messages Based On Reader Characteristic In Letter Writing

    Know how your audience would like the documents to be presented to them.

    This will make your document most convincing in front of their eyes.

    Generally these are some of the common business communication styles and how would you tailor your messages to each of your reader?

    Director (characteristic of direct, assertive, independent, energetic, competitive, impatient)

    • Make your letter simple and straight forward
    • Support letter with brief data & visuals to stress points

    Socializer (characteristic of expressive, active, outgoing, creative, persuasive)

    • Has tendency to focus on big picture
    • Avoid details and repetition as it would quickly bore them
    • Create a vision and address the emotional needs

    Relater (characteristic of patient, calm, cooperative, agreeable, collective)

    • Do not push or sell them something
    • Give them time to think and feel comfortable with your proposal
    • Allow them to know the opinions of the others in the group

    Thinker (cautious, contemplative, meticulous, process oriented, rational)

    • Focus on get things right
    • Support letter with analytical data to show credibility
    • Show all perspective and a step-by-step flow
    • Support letter with data and show wide knowledge of research
    • Provide trusted references and testimonials

    So do you know your own business communication style in writing?

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