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Letter Format Writing Tips

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    Are you looking for the best letter format writing under any circumstances? If you read the tips, advice and sample before it will guide you in to write a good letter on your desk.

    Instead of advising on what is the best letter format, we encourage you to follow the rule as mentioned below.

    These rule of writing will help in the way of increasing the readability of your reader and you can treat it as an unofficial letter format.

    Underline In Letter Writing

    These days, underlining is almost 100% avoided by professional writers. Why? Look at the underlined text as below.


    The underlining cuts through the tails of the letters and punctuation marks making them harder to read.

    The readability impact will depend on the font of your browser you use.

    In the days of mechanical typewriter, underlining was the only option available for emphasizing text.

    These days, there are many other options such as italics, bold face, colour and size.

    On the web, there is an additional incentive not to underline for emphasize.

    People expect underlined text on a web page to be a link and this will leads to confusion if it isn’t

    White Spaces In Letter Writing

    Take a look one article of your favorite magazines.

    Even a page that is mostly text, one thing is likely to be true where there’s probably a lot empty space on the page.

    What is the importance of white space?

    • White space is essential to readability. It makes the various elements stand out.
    • White space around the edges of a letter leaves more area for people to hold you document without losing visibility of your words

    So consider to leave more empty space when writing a letter.

    Optimum margins or fewer columns can make your letter easier for reader to understand.

    This is one of the simple but important tips to share with you today and we hope you can practice this rule in your letter writing.

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