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Tips On How To Write Letter

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    Many writer had trouble when comes into how to write letter in front on their desk and I could advise on the tips for you to write on.

    Writer often did not seek advice on how to pen down the letter and end up in trouble when they did not write in a correct way.

    If you are seeking on the advice, I have written some point for “Do” and “Don’t” when you are writing a letter in general.

    If you know the characteristic of recipient/reader, is best to write the letter based on the nature attraction of reading.

    Example when you are writing to financial background person, you are encouraged to include figures and statistics report.

    Letter Writing Tips – Do

    • Stay to the point and in brief.
    • Rule of one page – keep your writing to one page only if possible.
    • Read the whole letter at least once with the mind of recipient/reader.
    • Check your spelling and grammar after you have completed your writing.

    Letter Writing Tips – Don’t

    • Many writer do a big mistake when they write “I hope” instead say “I am confident” or “I am sure”.
    • Dullness & general sounds writing.
    • Writing that refers or judges other individual that can be the basis of discrimination (race, color, nationality, gender, religion, age, any handicapping condition, marital or parental status or political point of view).
    • Over used of words such as beautiful, rewarding, well and others.

    The tips as above could apply to you as a rule when you are writing an e-mail to partners, colleague, manager, end user & others.

    If you have any further question, please use the contact form to e-mail me at support@letterformat.net

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