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The Difference Between Letter And Email

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    People tend to confuse between writing a letter and writing an email. Though both letter and email has certain difference, the basic of the spelling and grammar was still an essence to convey a good message.

    What Is A Letter

    • Bears an original signature
    • Perceived to be and treated as being more serious than fax or email
    • Legally bind when the letter is sent to recipient
    • Format is formal and structured
    • Printed form
    • Can be drafted by someone else or professional
    • Tend to avoid the salutation “Dear”
    • “Your Truly” or “Your Sincerely” was the commonly used closing

    What Is Email

    • No original signature
    • May not be taken as official
    • Not going to be filed so they are not private
    • Usually limited to one or two points which was much shorter
    • More fluid so information can be passed on quickly
    • Self composed and unstructured
    • Common salutation are “Hi …” or “Hello…”
    • “Bye”, “Take care” or “Regards” was the commonly used closing

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