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10 Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques

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    Here are the ten persuasive writing techniques you can use right now in your copy. In this article you will learn about the art of persuasion and how to create a win-win situation.

    Selling is all about persuading people. Whether you want them to agree with an opinion you have or you simply want them to purchase a product, you are essentially trying to persuade them to go along with you.

    Here are ten persuasive writing techniques that have been shown to consistently work to get people on your side.

    Mutual Agreement

    Start by getting the reader to agree with something most people would agree with.

    By not challenging them at the outset, you will get them to lower their guard which will make it easier to lead them to your conclusions.

    Give a Reason

    Studies in human psychology have shown that a person is more willing to go along with what you are proposing if you give them a reason why.

    Everyone likes to feel what they do has a purpose and giving a reason to take action taps into this need.


    Ask any educator and they will tell you that repetition is the key to learning and understanding.

    Repeat your point using a variety of persuasive writing techniques such as telling a story or using examples.

    Use Relatable Examples

    Analogies, metaphors, similes, and real world examples shows your prospects your thoughts, ideas, and products in action.

    This helps them better understand how what you are saying applies to their circumstances.

    Social Proof

    As much as we deny it, we are bred for herd mentality.

    Showing other people benefitting from the idea or product is one of the most effective persuasive writing techniques around.

    Testimonials, endorsements, and examples makes prospects feel more comfortable taking the risk of agreeing with you.

    Poke the Hornet’s Nest

    State the problem your prospect is having. Show empathy for the pain they feel from dealing with it and then offer the solution.

    Personalize the Benefits

    Don’t just tell the prospect about your products features. This means nothing to them.

    One of the more effective persuasive writing techniques is to connect the features to benefits the person will experience from using the product.

    Appeal to Emotion

    People make decisions based on their emotions, and then try to use logic to justify that decision.

    If you tap into their emotions, they will latch onto your logic to justify how they feel.

    Answer Objections

    This is one of those persuasive writing techniques you cannot ignore. People will object to something you are saying.

    You must meet those objections head on. If you don’t, you give the prospect a reason to not to be persuaded.


    Stories tap into people’s imagination and help them better understand how the ideas or products apply to their situation.

    They are also a great way to get them emotionally invested in what you are selling.

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