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5 Professional Resume Writing Tips

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    Looking for professional resume writing tips? Whether you are unemployed and searching for a job or you simply want to change careers, it is crucial to have a resume that sells you to potential employers.

    Here are five resume writing tips that will help you design a great looking resume.

    List the most important information at the top

    Competition for jobs is fierce, and employers are swamped with applications and resumes.

    This means they are likely to spend only a few seconds looking at your application to determine if they want to interview you or not.

    List the most important information at the top of the resume. Even if they only read halfway through, they will know everything they need to know to make a decision.

    Use descriptive job titles

    Because the hiring manager will spend a very short amount of time looking at your resume, make sure you craft job titles that indicate what your job experience is.

    Instead of simply listing “Kitchen help”, use “Fry cook and part-time baker”. The manager will be able to tell at a glance if you have the experience they need for their open position.

    Connect skills to real world scenarios

    An important aspect of resume writing is the ability to sell yourself to the hiring manager.

    They want to know if you will be a good fit for the company. When writing your resume, try to connect your skills to real world scenarios.

    It is much more impressive to tell potential employers that you increased revenue for your previous employer by 30%, than that you simply sold items.

    Include keywords in digital resumes

    Many employers are searching online for job candidates. To maximize the chances of having your resume seen, try to incorporate relevant keywords into the text before you upload it to a resume hosting site.

    This resume writing tip will require you to do some research on the types of keywords employers are using to find prospects.

    One idea is to look at the job announcement and use some of the keywords found there.

    Proofread your writing

    Your resume writing needs to be flawless. Therefore, reread your resume multiple times to catch any spelling or grammar errors.

    It is a good idea to set the resume aside for a few days and read it again with fresh eyes. If you need to get it out quickly then have someone that you trust review it before you submit it to a potential employer.

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