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7 Can’t-Fail Sales Letter Writing Techniques

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    Your sales letter is your company’s sales person. It will talk to potential customers and ask them to invest their time, trust and money in your business.

    The sales letter needs to be friendly yet persuasive and convey all of the information the customer needs to make a decision.

    Needless to say, you must expend some time and effort on your sales letter writing to create a document that gets customers buying your products or services.

    Tell a story

    This sales letter writing tip is an excellent way to hook the reader’s attention.

    Get them invested in your product or service by telling a story of how it can help them achieve a goal that is important to them.

    Personalize the letter

    Establish a friendly connection by using the prospect’s name in the greeting and peppered throughout the letter.

    Establish credibility and trust

    In addition to money, you are asking your prospects to trust you. You need to prove you are worthy by relaying your credentials.

    A sales letter writing idea to handle this is to weave your expertise into the conversation.

    Instead of simply telling them you have 20 years of experience in marketing, say “In my 20 years as a marketer, I noticed cold calling was the number one issue sales people struggled with.”

    Answer the customer’s most pressing question

    The customer will be reading you sales letter with one question on their minds, “What’s in it for me?”

    If they can’t see the benefit of using your products or service, they are not going to buy anything.

    Highlight benefits using bullet points

    For the highest impact in your sales letter writing, list the benefits in bullet points.

    Many people jump around sales letters. They read the beginning and then skim until they get to the benefits section. Make this as easy to read as possible.

    Always ask for the sale

    In sales letter writing, this is the part that many people forget. After presenting your offer, ask for the sale.

    This should be customized according to the medium. For example, if you are sending an email, include a link directly to the product you want them to buy.

    Customize your sales letter

    If possible, customize the sales letter to the individual person you are sending it to.

    For example, you notice the CEO of Widget Company tweeting about struggling with a specific production problem your product can fix.

    Mention that in the sales letter you send to them. This will make them feel like you are truly invested in their success.

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