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How To Write A Good Letter

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    All the business writer often want to learn how to write a good letter to reader. Pretty much easy theoretically but when comes to applying the rule, many people just can’t write it in perfect.

    Below was the tips on how to write a good letter:

    Name In The Letter

    If you need to name a few people in your letter, whose name should appear first in rule?

    Appearance By:

    • Seniority
    • Alphabetic order
    • Alternate

    Letter Beginning & Closing

    When writing letters, it is best to address the letter to an individual.

    When you begin the letter with a personal name, be sure to end it with an appropriate closing such as “Your Sincerely”

    If you cannot obtain an individual name, consider ending it with a more generic (informal) closing such as “With Kindest Regards”

    Hyphens In Letter

    Hyphens are used in these situations:

    • within some names in example: Michael Lim-Ong
    • to separate some prefixes from root word in example: Pre-Sales

    Lowercase Dash (En Dashes) In Letter

    The most common use of the en dash is to indicate:

    • A span – when used to indicate a span, the en dash is generally not surrounded with spaces. Example: Open from Monday-Friday
    • A minus sign – when used as a minus sign, spacing is included. Example: 10 – 4 = 6

    Uppercase Dash (Em Dashes) In Letter

    Commonly used to represent commas when setting off a parenthesis comment.

    Ampersand & In Letter

    It should not be used to replace the word and.

    Ampersands should be limited to a few situations such as use an ampersand in company names. Example: Kelly & Harley Associate.

    Do not use an ampersand in general writing simply to abbreviate the words and.

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