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Tips On Writing A Good Letter

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    Today I am going to share to some tips that you can adopt when writing a letter. Some of the most basic tips to remember when writing include:

    Avoid Slang Words And Jargon

    Always remember who will be reading your letter, and not all people can understand jargon term easily.

    If your reader was not the person that same industry as you, avoid words that do not give any meaning to them.

    Words such as Case Sensitive, Fiscal Year and other kind of jargon should be not exist in the letter at the first place.

    Avoid Abbreviations

    Remember not every reader can fully understand abbreviations unless it was a common one.

    Example of abbreviations: –

    Today the MOM will be delivered our team lead (where MOM = minute of meeting)

    I am OOO on the next Tuesday (where OOO = out of office)

    Wrong Spelling

    Great care should always be taken to spell the names of people and companies correctly.

    Incorrect spelling shows disrespect and carelessness.

    So make sure you double-check on your spelling when writing a letter, 100% correct in spelling will reflect yourself as a person with care.

    Incorrect Use Of Numbers

    Numbers should be expressed as words when the number is less than 10 or is used to start a sentence.


    Ten years ago, I believe that…

    The number 10, or anything greater than 10 should be expressed as a figure


    I was 18 years old back in year 2001 when writing this letter.

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