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Writing Business Email Tips

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    We offer and love to share the tips on good writing business email as we believe it was one of the important communication method we used daily in our workplace.

    Today I am going to present three points or tips on writing a good business email: –

    Specify The Required Response In Email

    Make sure to include any call to action you desire, such as phone call or follow-up appointment.

    Remember to include your contact information including your name, title and phone numbers.

    Do this even with internal messages where it will make easier for someone to respond.

    Be A Good Correspondent

    If you often correspond using email, make sure to clean out your email inbox at least once a day.

    This is a simple act of courtesy and will also serve to encourage senders to return your email in timely manner.

    If a lengthy response is required to an email, but you don’t have the time to pull together the information required now, send a holding reply saying that you have received the message and indicate when you will respond fully.

    Always remember to set your Out Of Office agent when you are going to be away from your email for a day or more.

    Internal Email

    Internal email should be checked regularly through out the working day and returned in a much quick manner as it often involves timely projects, immediate updates, meeting notes and etc.

    Nonetheless, internal email should not be informal just like other email.

    Remember, these are written forms of communication that can be printed out and viewed by others than those originally intended for.

    Always use your spell checker and avoid slang.

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