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Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 4 Tips

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    Looking for how to write a proper etiquette email? Being able to communicate effectively is a critical component to your success in life. There is no place where this becomes more apparent than when you are trying to communicate via email.

    The Internet and email are ubiquitous in life. There is no way around it. At some point in time, you will need to send an email to a friend, family member, or business associate.

    Here are a few email writing tips that will help you get your message across quickly and clearly.

    Writing Meaningful Subject Lines

    Too often emails are overlooked or discarded because the subject line was vague, misleading, or missing altogether. Most people get a lot of emails and they scan through them to quickly figure out which ones need an immediate response and which ones can be dealt with at a later time.

    The first of the email writing tips is to take time to write a subject line that accurately represents the contents of your email.

    Get to the Point and Stay on Point

    No one wants to read a long email that rambles on about irrelevant things. This is particularly true when you are using email to communicate in a professional capacity.

    Another of the top email writing tips is to get to the heart of your message as quickly as possible. Only include information the person needs to respond appropriately.

    Avoid Attachments if Possible

    While it is convenient to send an attachment containing additional information, it is not always feasible for the recipient to receive one. Attachments can take awhile to download, especially if they are large.

    Additionally, opening the attachment may require a program the person does not have installed on their computer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat to open PDF files). If possible, copy and paste the information directly into the email to save time and aggravation.

    Emails are Not Private

    This is the best advice of the email writing tips out there. While you would hope your email communication would remain private, you should not hold that expectation.

    If you are sending an email to a business, it will likely be shared with several people. With the proliferation of computer viruses and hackers that do everything they can to steal your personal information, it is highly possible your emails may be exposed.

    Although you should not let that hinder your freedom of expression, it is something to keep in mind when sending out emails.

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