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Writing Email Tips

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    Writing email and writing letter do has some similar and common technique you need to follow in order to grab your reader’s attention.

    Today I am going to present 2 points or tips on writing a good email: –

    Subject Lines Are Headlines

    The headline in a newspaper does two things.

    It grab your attention and informs you what the article is about, so you decide whether you want to read further.

    Email subject lines need to do the same thing.

    Use the subject line to inform the reader of exactly what the email is about in a few well-chosen words.

    Everyone gets e-mail so they do not want to see any spam mail, appropriate use of the subject line increases the chances your email will be read and not deleted in glance.

    Make One Point Per Email

    If you need to communicate with someone about several matters, write a separate email on each subject.

    That way your correspondent can reply to each one in the appropriate time-frame.

    One topic might only require a short reply that he or she can make straight away, and another topic might require more research.

    By writing separate email, you get clearer answers.

    Your email should be clear and concise with the purpose of the e-mail detailed in the very first paragraph.

    Sentences should be kept short and straight to the point.

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