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Tips On Writing A Good Letter

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    Everyday each one of us encounter will be writing letter or e-mail to client, end-user or business partner and wondering how to write a good and killing letter.

    There are few tips I can give you to achieve in good letter writing: –

    Think Before Writing

    Analyze your reader or recipient and make sure you are sending a message that is clear and useful.

    Remember just because you can send information faster than ever before, it doesn’t mean that you should send it.

    Black & White

    You can always deny that you said it. But when you write it, you may held accountable for every sentence that you wrote.

    Don’t be surprised to see where you message may end up into.

    Keep Message Concise

    Remember that the view screen in the most e-mail programs shows only one half of a hard copy page.

    Try to save your longer message and formal reports for attachments.

    Don’t keep your message too short until your reader or recipient got confused of what you are talking about.

    Try to write at least a summary of action or information in the first paragraph of your letter.

    Non Confidential E-mail

    Bear in mind some companies retain the right to monitor employees message.

    Don’t send any bad content, you wouldn’t comfortable seeing published in your company newsletter.

    Don’t Control Your Readers

    It’s unprofessional to lose control in person and don’t try force attempt to make your reader listen to every single word from you.

    No Spam Please

    It’s not wise to send unnecessary message to your reader and they will quit reading your letter next time.

    Caps Lock Word


    So please avoid writing your letter in Caps Lock, you will benefit from it.

    Lower Case Concern

    Try to make sure that you write ‘I’ instead of ‘i’ and same goes to the first word when you initialize a sentence.

    Grab Reader Attention By Using Subject

    Instead of using vague lines such as “Information on ABC Project”, use something that will create interaction with reader such as “Need your input on Vanguard Project”

    Check Your Letter In The End

    Spend some time reading your letter before sending out just to ensure the spelling and grammar correct.

    Some simple mistakes might have chance in damaging your professional credibility. So is good to have a double-check.

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