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Yours Sincerely Or Yours Faithfully?

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    When to use your sincerely and your faithfully? We will guide you by giving example and tips which will helps you in business letter writing.

    There are many elements to a letter. There is the format of the letter, the salutation, the actual contents, and finally the closing.

    Additionally, there are rules governing those different elements that can be confusing for the casual letter writer.

    One of those rules has to do with the closing of the letter. The words you use to close a letter to someone you have written will depend completely on your relationship to them.

    When you don’t know the name of the recipient

    Specifically, whether you use “Yours sincerely” or “Yours faithfully” to close a letter will depend on if you know the recipient or not.

    The term “Yours faithfully” is almost always used in the UK. Typically you will use this sentiment if you do not know the recipient.

    It is also used when you do not personalize the letter by using the person’s name in the salutation. For example, if you begin the letter with “Dear Sir/Madam” then you would end it with “Yours faithfully”.

    When you know the name of the recipient

    In the US, the term “Yours truly” is the American equivalent. Only the first word is capitalized and a comma should be used afterwards.

    The term, “Yours sincerely” is also a British custom. This is used when you do know the person or you use their name in the salutation.

    For example, a letter that starts with “Dear Bob Johnson” should end with “Yours sincerely”. In America, the term is reversed to “Sincerely yours”.  Again, only the first term is capitalized and a comma follows the closing term.

    Although it is fine to simply use “Sincerely” by itself in the US, it is considered rude to do so in the UK.

    Therefore whenever addressing people and businesses in the country, be certain to end your correspondence with the full term. Otherwise, you risk inadvertently offending someone.

    More in Letter Closing

    Of course, “Yours faithfully” and “Yours sincerely” are not the only ways to close a letter. However, these should always be used in formal letters. When addressing friends and family members, you can afford to be a little less formal.

    Some common closing statements used to address people in our social networks include, “Warm regards”, “Best wishes”, “Fond regards”, and “Love”.

    Some people use slang when addressing others they are particularly close to. How you choose to end informal letters depends entirely on your relationship to the recipient.

    Though in formal instances such as writing a business associate, you want to use either “Yours faithfully” or “Yours sincerely”.

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